List of registered runners for Red Kite Runners

Under 11 have Orange numbers
Juniors have Blue numbers
Senior men have Yellow numbers
Senior women have Purple numbers

Red Kite Runners
Runners in this group = 1 Numbers are Blue
Race no.NameWrekentonDruridgeAykleyCategory
0Nathan JepsonSlowSlowSlowU13 boys

Red Kite Runners
Runners in this group = 13 Numbers are Yellow
Race no.NameWrekentonDruridgeAykleyCategory
1052Allan CallenderSlowSlowSlowVet men
1053Andrew CurranSlowSlowSlowSen men
1685Andrew NagiSlowSlowSlowSen men
1055Ian FraserSlowSlowSlowSen men
1056Ian GarbuttSlowSlowSlowVet men
1057Ian GaySlowSlowSlowVet men
1058Jak WatsonSlowSlowSlowSen men
1059Jason FettisSlowSlowSlowSen men
0Lee LangfordSlowSlowSlowSen men
1060Richard BowmanSlowSlowSlowSen men
1711Ross CrooksSlowSlowSlowSen men
0Sam HutchinsonSlowSlowSlowSen men
1752Stephen McdineSlowSlowSlowVet men

Red Kite Runners
Runners in this group = 18 Numbers are Purple
Race no.NameWrekentonDruridgeAykleyCategory
783Bethan BeharallSlowSlowSlowVet women
784Charlotte EddySlowSlowSlowSen Women
0Claire SpencerSlowSlowSlowVet women
0Danni JepsonSlowSlowSlowVet women
0Deb KellySlowSlowSlowVet women
785Emma HutchinsonSlowSlowSlowVet women
0Gayle OrdSlowSlowSlowVet women
0Jackie MarshSlowSlowSlowVet women
786Jo MoodySlowSlowSlowVet women
0Joanne CoxSlowSlowSlowVet women
787Joanne RobsonSlowSlowSlowSen Women
0Lisa GilbertSlowSlowSlowVet women
788Marianne DoddsSlowSlowSlowVet women
789Natalie ParratSlowSlowSlowSen Women
790Natasha TannerSlowSlowSlowVet women
0Stacey GalbraithSlowSlowSlowVet women
791Susan TurnerSlowSlowSlowSen Women
0Suzanne KyleSlowSlowSlowVet women