List of registered runners for Allen Valley Striders

Under 11 have Yellow numbers
Juniors have Orange numbers
Senior men have Purple numbers
Senior women have Blue numbers

Allen Valley Striders
Runners in this group = 13 Numbers are Purple
Race no.NameWrekentonDruridgeGosforthAykleyCategory
2Andrew YarnoldSlowSlowSlowSlowSen men
3Brendon JacksonSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
4Christian HendersonSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
0Craig ThomsonSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
0David BatesSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
0Derek TodhunterSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
5Frank SmithSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
6Gareth ForbesSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
0Graham FraserSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
1652Jason ForsterSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
0Michael SandersonSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
0Paul MooreSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
7Tom BentleySlowSlowSlowSlowSen men

Allen Valley Striders
Runners in this group = 12 Numbers are Blue
Race no.NameWrekentonDruridgeGosforthAykleyCategory
0Celia SandersonSlowSlowSlowSlowVet women
1111Claire JacksonSlowSlowSlowSlowVet women
1Emma AlpinSlowSlowSlowSlowVet women
1158Gayle ForsterSlowSlowSlowSlowVet women
2Helen EdwardsSlowSlowSlowSlowVet women
0Jane PhillipsSlowSlowSlowSlowVet women
3Jayne PhillipsSlowSlowSlowSlowVet women
4Margaret WalkeSlowSlowSlowSlowVet women
5Rosemary TodhunterSlowSlowSlowSlowVet women
6Ruth BentleyMediumMediumMediumMediumVet women
0Samantha YarnoldSlowSlowSlowSlowSen Women
0Sara StewartSlowSlowSlowSlowVet women