List of registered runners for Durham Fell Runners

Under 11 have Yellow numbers
Juniors have Orange numbers
Senior men have Purple numbers
Senior women have Blue numbers

Durham Fell Runners
Runners in this group = 12 Numbers are Purple
Race no.NameWrekentonDruridgeGosforthAykleyThornleyCategory
1567Alastair BlackSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowSen men
1666Andy BerrySlowSlowSlowSlowSlowSen men
1667Chris BirdSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowSen men
1668Duncan ArcherSlowSlowSlowMediumFastVet men
1559Gwynn StokesSlowSlowMediumMediumMediumVet men
1566Jason BatemanSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
1669Mark BothamSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
1670Martin WilsonSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowSen men
1671Matt SantoSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowVet men
1563Max WilkinsonSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowSen men
1565Robert BakerSlowSlowMediumMediumFastVet men
1564Rory WoodsSlowMediumMediumMediumFastSen men

Durham Fell Runners
Runners in this group = 1 Numbers are Blue
Race no.NameWrekentonDruridgeGosforthAykleyThornleyCategory
1220Meghan MccarthySlowSlowSlowSlowMediumSen Women