List of registered runners for Phoenix Flyers

Under 11 have Blue numbers
Under 13 have Green numbers
Under 15 have Yellow numbers
Under 17/20 have White/Black numbers
Senior Men have Orange numbers
Senior Women have Purple numbers

Phoenix Flyers
Runners in this group = 4 Numbers are Blue
Race no.NameWrekentonAykleyThornleyAlnwickLambtonCategory
176April Mcauley-ZechnerSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU11 girls
177Sian GowdySlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU11 girls
178Ewan MccoySlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU11 boys
179Ross JohnsonSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU11 boys

Phoenix Flyers
Runners in this group = 11 Numbers are Green
Race no.NameWrekentonAykleyThornleyAlnwickLambtonCategory
215Amber Mcauley-ZechnerSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU13 girls
216Emma GregorySlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU13 girls
0Maya SmithSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU13 girls
217Dominic KempSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU13 boys
218Dylan KeoghSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU13 boys
219Huw GowdySlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU13 boys
220Luke FosterSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU13 boys
221Marcus WrightSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU13 boys
222Patrick MccoySlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU13 boys
223Timothy CramptonSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU13 boys
0William LoganSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU13 boys

Phoenix Flyers
Runners in this group = 4 Numbers are Yellow
Race no.NameWrekentonAykleyThornleyAlnwickLambtonCategory
0Megan WilkinsonSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU15 girls
175Niamh KempSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU15 girls
248Charles WhitefieldSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU15 boys
249Tom SadanandomSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU15 boys

Phoenix Flyers
Runners in this group = 1 Numbers are White/Black
Race no.NameWrekentonAykleyThornleyAlnwickLambtonCategory
127Luke HamilSlowSlowSlowSlowSlowU17 boys