North East Masters Track & Field League Match 2

Discus A

1135John Moreland (guest)Rugby and Northampton ACMO6047.15
214Trevor StrakerNorth Shields Polytechnic ClubMO6531.27
3213Catherine CotterillNorth Shields Polytechnic ClubFO4530.47
487Colin PlewsJarrow & Hebburn ACMO5029.98
5254Paul CorriganWallsend Harriers & ACMO5527.26
664Lee HetheringtonSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO5026.98
7257Tara PaxtonBlaydon Harrier & ACFO3526.70
8497Elizabeth ShawDarlington H & ACFO4026.52
9106Tony DunnBlyth Running ClubMO5525.52
101Chris Snook-LumbDurham City Harriers & ACMO4023.29
11206Ian EglintineSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO4521.84
12284David GoldsworthyNorth Shields Polytechnic ClubMO6021.39
1350Hugh RyanNEVACMO8517.11

Results in category order.

11Chris Snook-LumbDurham City Harriers & ACMO4023.29
2206Ian EglintineSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO4521.84
387Colin PlewsJarrow & Hebburn ACMO5029.98
464Lee HetheringtonSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO5026.98
5254Paul CorriganWallsend Harriers & ACMO5527.26
6106Tony DunnBlyth Running ClubMO5525.52
7135John Moreland (guest)Rugby and Northampton ACMO6047.15
8284David GoldsworthyNorth Shields Polytechnic ClubMO6021.39
914Trevor StrakerNorth Shields Polytechnic ClubMO6531.27
1050Hugh RyanNEVACMO8517.11
11257Tara PaxtonBlaydon Harrier & ACFO3526.70
12497Elizabeth ShawDarlington H & ACFO4026.52
13213Catherine CotterillNorth Shields Polytechnic ClubFO4530.47