North East Masters Track & Field League Match 2

Shot A

1135John Moreland (guest)Rugby and Northampton ACMO6011.16
2254Paul CorriganWallsend Harriers & ACMO5510.18
314Trevor StrakerNorth Shields Polytechnic ClubMO659.76
4284David GoldsworthyNorth Shields Polytechnic ClubMO609.41
5213Catherine CotterillNorth Shields Polytechnic ClubFO458.89
687Colin PlewsJarrow & Hebburn ACMO508.64
753Mark KidgerJarrow & Hebburn ACMO508.26
8206Ian EglintineSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO457.80
9257Tara PaxtonBlaydon Harrier & ACFO357.62
10223Scott NicholSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO407.41
1150Hugh RyanNEVACMO857.06
12149John GeorgeJarrow & Hebburn ACMO406.88
13266Ross MaxwellTynedale Harriers & ACMO606.38

Results in category order.

1223Scott NicholSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO407.41
2149John GeorgeJarrow & Hebburn ACMO406.88
3206Ian EglintineSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO457.80
487Colin PlewsJarrow & Hebburn ACMO508.64
553Mark KidgerJarrow & Hebburn ACMO508.26
6254Paul CorriganWallsend Harriers & ACMO5510.18
7135John Moreland (guest)Rugby and Northampton ACMO6011.16
8284David GoldsworthyNorth Shields Polytechnic ClubMO609.41
9266Ross MaxwellTynedale Harriers & ACMO606.38
1014Trevor StrakerNorth Shields Polytechnic ClubMO659.76
1150Hugh RyanNEVACMO857.06
12257Tara PaxtonBlaydon Harrier & ACFO357.62
13213Catherine CotterillNorth Shields Polytechnic ClubFO458.89