Meeting 3 July 3rd

Hammer B

190Lee HetheringtonSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO5026.86
2105Stephen ForsterBlyth Running ClubMO6025.77
39Colin PlewsJarrow & Hebburn ACMO5525.02
4495Ian EglintineSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO5024.58
5100Paul YoungMiddlesbrough and Cleveland HarriersMO6023.34
659Neil YorstonSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO4022.30
7174Edward DochertyJarrow & Hebburn ACMO6018.30
8132Ross MaxwellTynedale Harriers & ACMO6018.26
9486Joseph HallCrook & Dist Sports ACMO5517.29
10280Gillian HepplewhiteSouth Shields Harriers & ACFO5017.26
11283Jalal AminSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO4517.21
12110Tony DunnBlyth Running ClubMO6016.55
13192Heather JonesCrook & Dist Sports ACFO6516.47
14198John GeorgeJarrow & Hebburn ACMO4016.30
1599Kenneth KidgerJarrow & Hebburn ACMO6515.51
16239David AilanoSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO5514.98
17153David MoirTyne Bridge HarriersMO5013.98
1852Anna HamblingJarrow & Hebburn ACFO4513.81
1922George RoutledgeHeaton Harriers & ACMO7513.70
20193Joanne RaineCrook & Dist Sports ACFO4012.90
2149Lesley CharmanElvet StridersFO4512.80
22212Susan BellJarrow & Hebburn ACFO6012.49
2368George CawkwellCrook & Dist Sports ACMO7512.19
24488Anne CraddockBlyth Running ClubFO6512.06
25141Allan BallSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO3511.49
26205Michelle LoftusJarrow & Hebburn ACFO5510.41

Results in category order.

1141Allan BallSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO3511.49
259Neil YorstonSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO4022.30
3198John GeorgeJarrow & Hebburn ACMO4016.30
4283Jalal AminSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO4517.21
590Lee HetheringtonSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO5026.86
6495Ian EglintineSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO5024.58
7153David MoirTyne Bridge HarriersMO5013.98
89Colin PlewsJarrow & Hebburn ACMO5525.02
9486Joseph HallCrook & Dist Sports ACMO5517.29
10239David AilanoSouth Shields Harriers & ACMO5514.98
11105Stephen ForsterBlyth Running ClubMO6025.77
12100Paul YoungMiddlesbrough and Cleveland HarriersMO6023.34
13174Edward DochertyJarrow & Hebburn ACMO6018.30
14132Ross MaxwellTynedale Harriers & ACMO6018.26
15110Tony DunnBlyth Running ClubMO6016.55
1699Kenneth KidgerJarrow & Hebburn ACMO6515.51
1722George RoutledgeHeaton Harriers & ACMO7513.70
1868George CawkwellCrook & Dist Sports ACMO7512.19
19193Joanne RaineCrook & Dist Sports ACFO4012.90
2052Anna HamblingJarrow & Hebburn ACFO4513.81
2149Lesley CharmanElvet StridersFO4512.80
22280Gillian HepplewhiteSouth Shields Harriers & ACFO5017.26
23205Michelle LoftusJarrow & Hebburn ACFO5510.41
24212Susan BellJarrow & Hebburn ACFO6012.49
25192Heather JonesCrook & Dist Sports ACFO6516.47
26488Anne CraddockBlyth Running ClubFO6512.06