Results for NEMAA Track and Field Championships 2022

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F35 100 metres F35 1500 metres F35 200 metres F35 3000 metres
F35 400 metres F35 800 metres F35 Hammer F35 High Jump
F35 Javelin F35 Long Jump
F40 100 metres F40 1500 metres F40 200 metres F40 3000 metres
F40 400 metres F40 400 metres hurdles F40 80 metres hurdles F40 Discus
F40 Hammer F40 High Jump F40 Javelin F40 Long Jump
F40 Shot Putt
F45 100 metres F45 1500 metres F45 200 metres F45 3000 metres
F45 400 metres F45 800 metres F45 80 metres hurdles F45 Discus
F45 Hammer F45 High Jump F45 Javelin F45 Long Jump
F45 Shot Putt F45 Triple Jump F45 Weight
F50 100 metres F50 1500 metres F50 200 metres F50 3000 metres
F50 400 metres F50 800 metres F50 High Jump F50 Javelin
F50 Shot Putt
F55 100 metres F55 1500 metres F55 200 metres F55 3000 metres
F55 400 metres F55 800 metres F55 Discus F55 Hammer
F55 Javelin F55 Long Jump F55 Shot Putt F55 2000 metres walk
F55 Weight
F60 100 metres F60 1500 metres F60 200 metres F60 3000 metres
F60 400 metres F60 800 metres F60 Discus F60 Hammer
F60 Javelin F60 Shot Putt F60 Weight
F65 100 metres F65 1500 metres F65 200 metres F65 3000 metres
F65 400 metres F65 Discus F65 Hammer F65 Javelin
F65 Long Jump F65 Shot Putt
F70 3000 metres F70 Discus F70 Javelin F70 Shot Putt
F75 Javelin F75 Long Jump F75 Shot Putt F75 Triple Jump
F80 100 metres F80 200 metres F80 400 metres
High Jump - Men and Women Shot Putt - Men Discus - Women Triple Jump - Women
Weight - Men and Women Triple Jump - Men Hammer - Men Javelin - Women
Javelin - Men Hammer - Women Long Jump - Women Discus - Men
Shot Putt - Women Long Jump - Men
M35 100 metres M35 1500 metres M35 200 metres M35 400 metres
M35 5000 metres M35 800 metres M35 High Jump M35 Javelin
M35 Long Jump M35 Triple Jump
M40 100 metres M40 110 metres hurdles M40 1500 metres M40 200 metres
M40 400 metres M40 400 metres hurdles M40 5000 metres M40 800 metres
M40 Discus M40 Hammer M40 High Jump M40 Javelin
M40 Long Jump M40 Shot Putt M40 Triple Jump M40 Weight
M45 100 metres M45 1500 metres M45 200 metres M45 3000 metres steeplechase
M45 400 metres M45 400 metres hurdles M45 5000 metres M45 800 metres
M45 Discus M45 Hammer M45 High Jump M45 Javelin
M45 Long Jump M45 Shot Putt M45 Triple Jump M45 2000 metres walk
M45 Weight
M50 100 metres M50 1500 metres M50 200 metres M50 400 metres
M50 5000 metres M50 800 metres M50 Discus M50 Hammer
M50 High Jump M50 Javelin M50 Long Jump M50 Shot Putt
M50 Triple Jump M50 Weight
M55 100 metres M55 1500 metres M55 200 metres M55 3000 metres steeplechase
M55 400 metres M55 5000 metres M55 800 metres M55 Discus
M55 Hammer M55 High Jump M55 Javelin M55 Long Jump
M55 Shot Putt M55 Triple Jump M55 Weight
M60 100 metres M60 100 metres hurdles M60 1500 metres M60 200 metres
M60 300 metres hurdles M60 400 metres M60 5000 metres M60 800 metres
M60 Discus M60 Hammer M60 High Jump M60 Javelin
M60 Long Jump M60 Shot Putt M60 Triple Jump M60 Weight
M65 100 metres M65 100 metres hurdles M65 1500 metres M65 200 metres
M65 3000 metres M65 400 metres M65 800 metres M65 Discus
M65 Hammer M65 High Jump M65 Javelin M65 Long Jump
M65 Shot Putt M65 Triple Jump M65 Weight
M70 100 metres M70 1500 metres M70 200 metres M70 400 metres
M70 800 metres M70 Discus M70 Hammer M70 Javelin
M70 Shot Putt M70 Weight
M75 100 metres M75 1500 metres M75 200 metres M75 2000 metres steeplechase
M75 3000 metres M75 400 metres M75 800 metres M75 Discus
M75 Hammer M75 Javelin M75 Shot Putt M75 2000 metres walk
M75 Weight
M80 100 metres M80 1500 metres M80 200 metres hurdles M80 80 metres hurdles
M80 Discus M80 Hammer M80 High Jump M80 Javelin
M80 Shot Putt M80 2000 metres walk M80 Weight
M85 1500 metres M85 800 metres M85 Discus M85 Hammer
M85 Javelin M85 Shot Putt M85 Weight
T01 80 metres hurdles T10 100 metres F35 F40 T11 100 metres F45 F50 T12 100 metres F55+
T13 100 metres M35 M40 T14 100 metres M45 M50 T15 100 metres M55 M60 T16 100 metres M65+
T17 1500 metres Women M75+ T18 1500 metres M35-M50 T19 1500 metres M55-M70 T02 100 metres hurdles
T20 400 metres F35 F40 F45 F50 T21 400 metres F55+ T22 400 metres M35 M40 T23 400 metres M45 M50
T24 400 metres M55 M60 T25 400 metres M65+ T26 200 metres F35 F40 T27 200 metres F45 F50
T28 200 metres F55+ T29 200 metres M35 M40 T03 110 metres hurdles T30 200 metres M45 M50
T31 200 metres M55 M60 T32 200 metres M65 T33 200 metres M70+ T34 Open Mile
T35 800 metres Women T36 800 metres M35 M40 T37 800 metres M45 T38 800m metres M50 M55
T39 800 metres M60 T04 3000 metres steeplechase T40 800 metres M65+ T41 3000 metres F35-F55
T42 3000 metres F60-F70 M65-M75 T43 5000 metres M35-M50 T44 5000 metres M55-M60 T05 2000 metres walk
T06 200 metres hurdles T07 300 metres hurdles T08 400 metres hurdles T09 2000 metres steeplechase